Our Vision:Creating success through flexibility, sustainability & change

Our Mission To be the preferred provider of Infrastructure Services to businesses, through a single supplier model, incorporating all necessary legislative standards, compliance & confidentiality.
To provide expert project management and business advice, establishing benchmarked service provisions & tools to measure, challenge & improve business performance.
To grow ethically, exercising choice, through focus on our core values of Quality, Integrity & Partnership.

Why us?

Everything that is not concerned with the direct delivery of the organisation's core product or services is part of its infrastructure. In this fast changing world the organisation of the future will be the one that can harness its in-house skills in core activities, that enables it to exceed its customers expectations and to grow profitably.

How can EIS help your business?

Increasingly, this relies on the provision of good infrastructure services from cleaning and building maintenance through to security and office environment services. EIS provides the expertise to seamlessly integrate a wider range of infrastructure services than ever before.
EIS is dedicated to developing, delivering and managing infrastructure service solutions. Our success is dependent on helping organisations achieve their goals in flexibility, effectiveness, economy and change.

Why Change?

Infrastructure services are a necessary cost to the business, but one that is not at the heart of investment plans, in other words "a necessary evil". Today these services are procured from single service providers and managed by in-house or an external management team. This can mean:

  • Multiple cost layers, so your operating costs are higher.
  • Limited service integration, so delivery is less responsive and less flexible.
  • Master-Servant relationships, so business objectives often conflict.
  • A high percentage of management time remains focused on non-core activities.

EIS can provide the following benefits:

  • We enable organisations to concentrate on their core business activities.
  • We do this by taking care of their non-core or infrastructure services.
  • There will be no loss of your management control & core business know how.
  • There are significant reductions in current operating costs.
  • You will gain greater responsiveness and flexibility.